Aijaz Aslam’s ‘Future Imperfect’ is a must-watch supernatural action-thriller

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Be it the jump scares or the suspense of a supernatural movie, we all love a great thrilling storyline. One such supernatural thriller that will surely make you look over your shoulders and leave you looking for some strange activities is the Aijaz Aslam starrer Future Imperfect. In the movie, Aslam plays the role of Zahid, a self-conflicted medical sales rep, who finds a diary written in his own handwriting. A diary he doesn’t remember writing, and whose entries, bewildering to him, chart out his next 24 hours in explicit detail. The diary has one rule for Zahid: don’t question anything, just follow along. With orders from the diary propelling him on a frantic journey to fulfill his own foreordained destiny, Zahid ignites a chain reaction that will change his own future… a future that needs to come to pass, without his consent or volition. The film has an elaborate cast including Mashal Khan, Khaled Anam, Khalid Zafar, Hassam Khan, Ibrahem Kushtiwala amongst others.