Saheefa Jabbar is not happy with the kind of scripts being offered

Speaking truth!

Although many actors love what they do, they don't always have affection for some of the roles they are being offered. Whether they've called out dramas for negative messages or terrible plots, some stars have been pretty open about how they are disappointed with the kind of content being aired these days. One such celebrity is model turned actress Saheefa Jabbar. The starlet recently took to her Instagram and shared her views on the quality of content being produced in our dramas. She said, “There are no good scripts out there. The scripts which are being offered to me at the moment are not up to the standards of storytelling I feel comfortable endorsing.” Stating the reasons of why she hasn’t been accepting the scripts being offered, she said, “I am not comfortable endorsing escapism. I am not comfortable endorsing masculinised ideas of female empowerment. I am not comfortable with the lives of the characters I play, with the choices they are offered, and the root causes of conflict in their lives. I do not like the homes, the worlds, and the inherent associated oppression of such places in the one-liners I read daily. DAILY.”