Mahira Khan and Shehzad Roy are now educating people to get vaccinated

For a Cause

Actor Mahira Khan and singer Shehzad Roy have joined hands with the US Consulate in Karachi to promote Covid-19 vaccinations in Pakistan. In an effort to create awareness, Shehzad Roy, who is known for his humanitarian efforts, took to Instagram to share an incident about a man he met while campaigning to promote vaccines at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). “I met a person outside the JPMC Hall as Mahira Khan and I were invited by the US Consulate to promote [Covid-19] vaccinations,” he wrote. “The person told me that he was strictly against it, but when a close family member died who was not vaccinated and his friend only got a mild disease after being vaccinated, he decided to get himself vaccinated as soon as possible.” “Don’t wait for a disaster,” the singer urged. “We don’t want Pakistan to be the last country on the map with Covid like polio.” While Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan in a video also shared, “I am vaccinated, and I am keeping my community safe.” Fizaaon Se Falah Tak is a campaign that encourages people to get vaccinated against this deadly virus.