Suicide bombers kill at least 37, injure 70 at crowded Afghanistan mosque

  • 23 Oct - 29 Oct, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
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One week after an ISIS bombing in northern Afghanistan killed 46 people inside a mosque, an attack last Friday caused at least 37 casualties at another Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan's Kandahar. A reporter stationed in Kandahar shared with Reuters that local eyewitnesses said there were multiple suicide bombers, adding to the news outlet: "The situation is very bad. Mirwais hospital is messaging and calling on young people to give blood" for the injured. More than 70 people were wounded in the bombing, BBC News reported, noting that Friday prayers are the most attended weekly services. A Taliban spokesperson confirmed the explosion to the Associated Press and said there is an ongoing investigation. One eyewitness, 40, who survived the attack told The Washington Post, "First, I heard gunfire and then explosions followed. Blood was everywhere." Another 26-year-old told the outlet, "Everyone is shocked. Shiites in Kandahar were never attacked before."