'Dad Bod' is officially in the Merriam-Webster dictionary – see the examples

  • 06 Nov - 12 Nov, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
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The Merriam-Webster dictionary is keeping up with the times. Merriam-Webster announced that 455 new words and definitions have been added to their dictionary, including the term "dad bod." Described by the organisation as "a physique regarded as typical of an average father," Merriam-Webster adds that it is also "one that is slightly overweight and not extremely muscular." In examples of how "dad bod" can be used in a sentence, Merriam-Webster included a quote from actor Marlon Wayans, which reads: "… I am not going to have a belly. I think I have too much ego to have a dad bod – even though I'm a dad." Another example the dictionary utilises to help convey the meaning of the word comes from journalist Abby Eden, who once said, "The 'dad bod' became the hot new look. Even Hollywood latched onto the more attainable physique with actors sporting bodies that were not chiseled, not incredibly lean, and a little soft in the middle." Speaking with Today, Merriam-Webster's editor-at-large, Peter Sokolowski, explained how new words are chosen to be added to the dictionary. Noting that there must be written proof of a word's longevity, Sokolowski said, "If a word is used frequently in publications such as The New York Times or The Atlantic, then it goes into the dictionary."