Comedian Shafaat Ali to be seen in a serious role in Nayhar Ka Mazhar

Switching Roles

Shafaat Ali is all geared up for his new project which will feature him in a serious role and he hopes that it will surprise his fans. He made his drama debut in 2017 with Romeo weds Heer, and now he's moving on to more serious fare with his latest project Nayhar Ka Mazhar. “It’s a serious play, a serious character,” he told a publication. “I’m pretty hopeful that people will find serious work very different with my face and my acting,” he said. The story is about dowry and three families, he explained. His costars are Saboor Aly, Areeba Habib, Osama Tahir, Munazza Arif, Rabia Noreen, Saima Qureshi, Farhan Ali Agha and Omar Alam. The drama has been penned by Soofia Khurram and directed by Ali Hassan, of Meri Gurya fame. The team is currently shooting and hopes to wrap up by mid December. “The work environment is amazing. I am lucky to work around people who are filled with positivity and the gaps between the scenes are like our laughter therapy sessions,” Ali said.