Yasra Rizvi’s film ‘SentiAurMental’ discontinues after being half shot

Laid to Rest

Halfway through the making and three years into the film SentiAurMental, producers have decided to call it quits. But the team decided to leave behind a memento to celebrate the efforts of all involved in the form of a Punjabi song that's perfect for wedding season. Tera Hashtag Ni has an uplifting energy that warrants no requisite of knowing the language – it's just one of those feel-good dance songs. "We had a ball shooting half the film and that's where it ends. RIP SentiAurMental! We won't be finishing it but here is a song from the film's soundtrack to celebrate the efforts of all the extremely talented people who came with open hearts and tireless dedication towards Pakistani cinema and ended up making it a life altering experience," the team told a publication. Calling it a "gift to the public", writer and director Yasra Rizvi told that the team hoped the song would cheer up people during these difficult times. Speaking on the discontinuation of the film, Rizvi said "a lot changes in three years" and that financing was an issue particularly after Covid struck.