Circus performer rescued while dangling from bridge during a photo shoot

  • 30 Apr - 06 May, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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A circus performer was rescued while hanging from a bridge during a photoshoot in Rochester, New York. The Rochester Fire Department was called after an onlooker spotted trapeze artist Julia Baccellieri dangling from the bridge while being photographed. "We just finished the photoshoot. Avi and I gave thumbs up and I was like, 'all right I'm going to come up and come down.' And then we had the rescue and the police all show up." Baccellieri told WHAM. "We heard sirens and Avi was like 'Okay, I'm going to head to shore and I'm going to check out what's going on over there.'" Baccellieri said she never felt in danger during the incident. "I was communicating with some of the rescue people on top and they were like, 'Are you okay to get up? Do you know how to get up? Are you stuck?'" she explained. "And I was like, 'I'm not stuck at all. I feel totally safe and calm right now. I'm ready to get myself up.'" Rochester Firefighter Joseph Lee told WHAM that Baccellieri seemed "a little confused" when the rescuers arrived. "She said she does this all the time, but we were there to help her out," Lee said. Firefighters set up a rope system to rappel down to Baccellieri and launched a water rescue unit. The rescue operation took about 40 minutes to complete, and no injuries were reported.