Urwa Hocane opens up on Aijaz Aslam's recent remarks about her


Rapid fire segments on talk shows always seem to land celebrities in trouble. The most recent celebrity to fall victim to a rapid fire round is Urwa Hocane who was named by Aijaz Aslam in The Couple's Show when asked which young actor needs to learn some manners. The actor despite never working with the Badzaat actress, named her. Aslam said, "I haven't been through it myself but have heard about one or two incidents about Urwa. I heard that she loses her temper very quickly and has directed a show director once or twice. I could be wrong. There are always two sides to a story." After his comment went viral, Hocane released a statement saying, "In all honesty, I am a creatively charged person which I proudly accept. And yes, I always indulge in healthy discussions with my directors or producers. I am sure he didn't intend to harm me and didn't realise how much it could blow out of proportion as I don't know him in a personal capacity or have not even been co-star with him in a single production," she said. For Hocane "irresponsible statements" can often leave celebrities at the mercy of internet trolls and therefore, everyone must watch "what they say in public" especially when it's mere hearsay.