Zeb Bangash sets the tone of drama serial ‘Weham’ with its OST

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Besides great onscreen chemistry between the cast and a well-written script, a successful drama has to have a solid official soundtrack, also known as an OST, as a finishing touch. It’s no secret that Pakistani drama OSTs can make or break a scene. Thankfully, we have a bumper crop of stellar dramas every year, along with their OSTs worthy of being played on repeat. One such OST is the recently released Weham. Pakistan’s most favourite song bird, Zeb Bangash is back to serenade us with yet another soulful number. Composed by Ahmad Jahanzeb and produced by Moomal Shunaid, Weham features as the soundtrack for the drama series. In her signature style, Zeb delivers a delicately poised love story fraught with tragedy. The lyrics, the melody and Zeb’s vocals come together to a create a haunting, melancholic mood. As the undisputed queen of love ballads, Zeb Bangash sets the mood of the song. Speaking of the song itself, Zeb said, "I've had a wonderful time working on the OST for Weham – the composition, the lyrics and the melody are so beautifully done and I have enjoyed every minute of the experience.”