Mehwish Hayat praised accurate representation of desi culture in Disney’s Ms Marvel


Disney+ and Marvel's much hyped upcoming show Ms Marvel has been the talk of the town for us desis all over social media, be it our Pakistani celebrities representing on the red carpet in Hollywood, or some snippets from the show that left many demanding correct representation. But for Mehwish Hayat, Ms Marvel is an ‘accurate representation’ of Pakistani culture. The actor recently shared photos from the premiere event of the show held in Los Angeles. In her post, she wrote, "Working on Ms Marvel and being part of the MCU is a dream come true for me! You cannot believe what it means to finally have the first brown Muslim superhero that we can all relate to and who speaks for us. Words can't describe how happy my inner child is to see my culture being so accurately represented on screen, in a mainstream Hollywood production." She added, "I hope that this will not only show actors in Pakistan that they need to look beyond their own borders but also give Hollywood the confidence to cast talent from Pakistan." Earlier last month, Chinoy also announced that Disney and Marvel have created a special theatre format for Ms Marvel.