Bilal Maqsood’s second solo Zalima feels like ‘90s with a twist

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When a musical band or group breaks up, it doesn’t always mean the end of a successful – and profitable – music career for its former members. That said, Strings alum Bilal Maqsood continues to grow stronger and accumulate net worth in millions even after leaving behind the much loved group that initially made him the star. Adding to his worth, Bilal Maqsood just released his second solo single titled Zalima soon after his first one titled Naya Naya. The song and its lyrical video is quirky and feels like it’s straight out of the ‘90s but with a modern twist. In Zalima, Bilal sings about a lover who puts him through the wringer. The lyrics are catchy and the song has an upbeat tune. The artsy video is directed by Umair Anwar and created by We Are Transmedia, and it features the song’s lyrics floating around Bilal.