Man paralysed in accident has miracle recovery – and reunites with woman who saved him

  • 03 Sep - 09 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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At just 19 years old, Nathan Wolski found himself in the fight of his life. But a kind stranger who was at the right place at the right time would come to his aid when he needed it most. The California native was camping with his family at San Diego's San Elijo State Beach on June 26 when he fell headfirst into shallow water while attempting to cross a channel of sand. Wolski's head slammed into the sand beneath the water, breaking his C5 vertebrae and tearing the ligaments in his neck. Wolski was stuck floating in the water, unable to move, with the current taking him further away and out of reach of the relatives who were with him. That's when an unfamiliar person stepped in to help. That person was nurse Parisa Voigt. But as Voigt helped, she realised Wolski could not move on his own. She stayed with him in the water and tried to grasp what happened to this young man she didn't know. Once emergency services arrived, Voigt left the scene while Wolski embarked on what would be a long and arduous recovery process. Today, Wolski is able to walk again and was even reunited with Voigt on Nov. 24, where he was able to thank her for the quick-thinking decisions she made that likely spared him from a worse outcome. The reunion came into fruition thanks to the efforts of Wolski's mother, Gretchen, who reached out after a lifeguard gave her Voigt's contact information.