Starring Hira Mani and Rahim Pardesi, Soch The Band releases new track Mera Naam

New music

Soch The Band has released a new song, Mera Naam, and the video features Hira Mani and YouTuber Rahim Pardesi. Directed by Adnan Kandhar, the video tells a story of heartbreak and karmic cycles. Starring Mani, Pardesi and Aimal Khan as the leads in the plot, it begins with the actress turning the YouTuber’s proposal down because he can’t “afford” her. The story progresses and Mani is with another man – Khan – at the band’s live performance. Pardesi happens to be there too and when she sees him, she looks shocked and uncomfortable. She ignores him to focus on her new beau whose focus seems to dwindle onto other ladies and it’s clear that her new relationship may have given her a life of luxury but loyalty was missing from it big time. At the end, the lens blurs with the completion of the karmic cycle. Composed and produced by Soch, Mera Naam has crossed 75,000 views on YouTube since its release.