Film Agar Magar has sadly been shelved and actress Syra Yousuf was never a part of it

Misleading news

A news about Syra Yousuf’s new film being shelved has currently been making rounds on social media. A publication reached out to the Sinf-e-Aahan actor’s team and they have confirmed that she has got nothing to do with the movie. “The current news being spread about Syra Yousuf being a part of the film Agar Magar is completely false news. The lead actor in that movie was or is Mariam Saleem Nawaz. Syra Yousuf has no part in this movie whatsoever,” Yousuf’s manager confirmed to the publication. News circulating online claimed that the actress along with her former spouse Shahroz Sabzwari were leads in a film that was shelved due to the filmmaker’s personal issues. Yousuf distanced herself from the news and said that it is untrue. However, the ex-partners are going to star in an upcoming film together. They started work on the movie before their divorce. Director Omar Essa didn’t disclose the title of the film but confirmed that it’s a love story. “The role required a lot from her, physically and emotionally. Even if we had started production after their problems, I like to believe they would have still done the project.”