Kajol spills the beans about Aamir Khan's cameo in Salaam Venky

Kajol will be teaming up with her Fanaa co-star Aamir Khan in her upcoming film, Salaam Venky. Aamir will be seen making a special cameo in the movie. Spilling some beans on his role in the film, Kajol told a news portal that he’s amazing and absolutely bang on in the film. According to her, the great thing about Aamir is, and that what he works on absolutely is to not be stylised. The actress also added that he is completely him, besides the fact that he comes out with really good films. Kajol went on to add that Aamir is a fabulous actor to work with, and he still works on being honest in front of the camera. She genuinely admires it in him. Salaam Venky talks about euthanasia. On being asked about the kind of courage needed to tell a story about a subject that is so serious and not even legal in India, she said that it takes an extraordinary amount of courage to even talk about it. The film will hit the theatres on December 9, 2022.