Tere Bin actor Sabeena Farooq feels ‘disturbed’ by threats she’s received for her character

Calling Out Trolls

Actor Sabeena Farooq, who plays Haya in the popular drama Tere Bin, took to Instagram recently to address the hate she has received, including threats. She asked YouTubers sharing fake content to stop, threatening to publicly name and shame them. She shared a note on her Instagram story stating that it’s getting too much now. “I’ve been all generous and nice about my character in Tere Bin, joining you all in roast[ing] and memes but there is a limit to everything. Now that you are putting FAKE, ABSURD CONTENT on YouTube and giving me threats, it really is DISTURBING for me and my family. IT IS JUST A CHARACTER,” she asserted. While addressing the “idiots” who don’t understand the difference between a character and an actor, she said, “I request you to stop taking out your frustrations on me and I curse the people earning off of making fake YouTube videos. If I’m that bad, stop following me and skip Haya’s scenes but one more threat and I will publicly post them with your name and YouTube channels.”