Circle back: Maine claims biggest ice disk, at 1,776 feet

  • 15 Apr - 21 Apr, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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Volunteers cut a big ol’ circle in a frozen lake and set it in motion, claiming a world record in a category that few people know exists: The biggest ice carousel. With a diameter of 1,776 feet – or 541 meters – the giant piece of ice estimated at 146,000 tons moved slowly like a Lazy Susan to hoots, hollers and high fives. Northern Maine Ice Busters had to cut through ice nearly 30 inches thick on a path painstakingly measured by survey crews to create a perfect circle measuring nearly six football fields across. It’s a laborious-but-fun way to provide entertainment during the long, cold winter, and it has turned into something of a rivalry in places like Finland, Minnesota and Maine. There’s even a World Ice Carousel Association. “It’s a friendly competition,” said John Mazo, media liaison for the Northern Maine Ice Busters. It took a herculean effort to get the giant disk moving with 10 outboard boat engines, farm equipment driving oversized propellers, and a couple of wheeled vehicles, too, he said.