Aamir Khan is reportedly now considering a thrilling action film

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has given several hits throughout his career. From Lagaan to Dangal, he had given some iconic performances that are worth mentioning. The actor had faced a rough patch last year as his film didn’t happen to perform well at the box office. However, there has been news regarding Aamir inkling towards doing an action film now. Aamir is interested in making an action movie, according to a source in the industry, and the actor is searching for what should be his next project. A source told ETimes, “Aamir has always been very good with action, and you can see that in films like Dhoom 3; Ghajini, Sarfarosh and Ghulam. He took a break in between as he didn't want to repeat himself with similar content. But now, Aamir is keeping an eye out for a script which will present him with an opportunity to do thrilling action.” The source also added that Aamir had a chat with Yash Raj Films, inquiring if there was any way to work out a new film in the Dhoom series. It remains to be seen what Mr Perfectionist will pick eventually.