Model Nimra Jacob accused Hasnain Lehri of abusing, threatening and harassing her

Quarrel amidst Fashion

The fashion industry saw a lot happen at the Textile EXPO 2023 but while fashion may have taken the main stage, what happened backstage far eclipsed the show. A dispute between two models, Nimra Jacob and Hasnain Lehri, has everyone in the fashion industry talking about workplace safety and harassment. Jacob has accused Lehri of abusing, threatening and harassing her. Videos from the event show a distraught Jacob saying Lehri “put his hand on [her]” while Lehri repeats “This is unacceptable”. Jacob told a publication that she went up to Lehri afterwards to tell him that he should have left way for other models to cross but instead, he bumped into her shoulder. “I saw the colours on his face changing and he started getting loud and rude,” she said. “People saw that he is getting worked up, so they started holding him back. He made personal attacks on my family. There’s a narrative that I made a personal attack on his father, which is completely false,” she said. “He then went on to threaten me, he said, ‘I will punch you in the face’. [Some other] female models came to me to ask if I was okay, but I clearly wasn’t – I was flustered, shocked, numb and I couldn’t complete the finale,” she said. While Lehri has denied all the accusations, Jacob said that she may send a legal notice to the model.