Zara Noor Abbas questions people on judging others’ faith on the basis of their profession

Deep conversations

Actor Zara Noor Abbas opened up about her struggle with anxiety and her spiritual journey in a recent interview with lifestyle coach Eram Saeed. The host spoke about how society only wants to let people who look a certain way talk about Islam. The Jhoom actor added that it’s as if Islam belongs to one person. She said society expects those people who can talk about Islam to only be from certain professions and they definitely can’t know anything about music or anything related to art. Speaking about people judging unnecessarily, she asked, “How can anybody judge how strong someone’s faith is based on their profession?” Saeed and Abbas also discussed how people are quick to label and the actor said it saddens her that educated people applaud those who abandon their careers entirely in the name of religion. “This is supposed to be very personal,” she said. Abbas also spoke about her newfound interest in learning more about Islam, as well as her strong belief in the Almighty. She also spoke about the psyche and the importance of healing your past trauma.