Plastic tunnel outside Sainsbury’s is voted town’s best tourist attraction

  • 15 Sep - 21 Sep, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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To the untrained eye, it may just be a 70-metre long Perspex tunnel. However those in the know have described it as ‘stunning’, ‘a must-see’ and a ‘significant piece of modern vernacular architecture.’ Thanks to a series of tongue-in-cheek reviews, a tunnel in Bude has now become the highest-rated attraction for the Cornwall seaside town. Tourists are flocking towards the tunnel in Bude (Picture: SWNS) The wonder – which in reality runs from a supermarket car park to a nearby street – has now racked up more than 170 glowing reviews. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but have ensured it is now the top of the online reviewer’s tables on TripAdvisor. One post read: ‘There are no words to describe what should be the 8th wonder of the modern world! Such clear views!!’ Visitors have been very complimentary. Another claimed: ‘A significant piece of modern vernacular architecture (and it keeps you dry whilst you walk to Sainsbury’s). While another poster said ‘Had butterflies before the first time seeing it. Lived up to its reputation though…. was quiet when I went, so had time to admire the amazing structure. Highly recommended, will go again.’ Dozens have been rating it a five-star must-see place to visit One internet user added: ‘We travelled 4 hours to see the tunnel after reading reviews and have to say it was everything we had hoped. It was the same sense of awe as I have felt visiting the Sistine Chapel, ruins in Pompei and the amphitheatre at Verona. Highly recommended.’ Even the tunnel’s official description on the site could be seen as over-egging the pudding. ‘The only tunnel Bude has to offer is open to the public free of charge, walk from the Sainsbury’s car park to Crooklets Road completely undercover’ it boasts! The Bude tunnel in all its glory (Picture: SWNS) ‘Consisting of 36 metal arches and over 70m long, nowhere else in Bude can you walk this far undercover in a continuous straight line, all ages are welcome.’ While dozens of people have clearly enjoyed their trip to the supermarket, a few po-faced users have been distinctly unimpressed with the visit. ‘Nothing to see, just a tunnel that runs down the side of sainsbury. waste of time, not really a tourist attion’ one lamented. Some people are not as impressed. At any rate, it keeps the rain off so that has to be worth more than one star.