Stardom can force an artiste to play safe, says Varun

Actor Varun Dhawan says it is very important to retain one’s artistic voice amid massive fame.

The actor, who has balanced featuring in commercial blockbusters and off-beat films, says stardom can force an artiste to play safe.

When asked if he fears that one day his popularity will govern the choices he makes, Varun said, “The fear is definitely there. When I did Badlapur so many people said when am I doing something like this next. I told them that I need to find people who are willing to make a film like that.

“Then I found Shoojit Sircar who would lose everything for the sake of art. It cannot happen every time... There are these few things which will come in your career which will be absolutely your organic voice. A true artiste will always recognise that."

Varun said there are just few films where an artiste's voice remains undiluted.

"When you go mainstream with something, you start thinking 'let's do this, people will like it.' Your own voice starts getting diluted. There are few movies where your voice doesn't get diluted. Like October, Badlapur or Sui Dhaaga.”