Chitrangda believes “actresses get stereotyped and this is scary”

Chitrangda Singh, whose latest film to release is Baazaar, says actresses get stereotyped by the film fraternity and audience alike based on their on-screen image, and this is “scary” at times.

“I think actresses are perceived by their on-screen image in real life. I remember how after my debut film, people tend to think that I live my life wearing cotton saris like Geeta Rao of the film,” she said. “If we are doing something on-screen, and doing it conveniently, whether it’s the film fraternity or the audience — they start thinking about us like that. I am sure actresses who are doing bold scenes if a character demands, they might be perceived in the same manner in real life, which is scary.”

Whether it’s a film like Sorry Bhai! or Inkaar, where Singh’s performances were appreciated, the titles never made it big at the box office.

Asked if films that are close to reality find it hard to gain appreciation from the audience, Singh weighed in saying, “When it comes to a film like Mirch Masala, Hazaaron..., Mandi and Masoom, more than looking at the commercial success of the film, these are important stories to be shown to the society.”