Aamina Sheikh reiterates Quaid’s vision


The Cake actress took to Instagram on the eve of Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday and reminded fans and followers of the vision that our founding father had about women empowerment.

“Quit complaining, quit bickering and quit blaming. Jab mulq hamara hai, tou phir isay hum hee nay sanwaarna hai,” Amina wrote on her Insta post.

Adding weight to her post, she further wrote, “The foundation of Pakistan was laid by our founder and leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah – the Quaid – with the fundamental principle that we are equal citizens of one state.”

“The power of the ‘pen’ was constantly highlighted by the Quaid as he rivalled it with the power of the ‘sword,’ but he further stated, ‘the power of women is greater than both.’ We realise that power today, but let’s do so effectively by upholding all genders,

working off of each other’s strengths and co-existing in harmony– after all we have to survive together.”

Aamina went on to say, “Let’s do it with the tools of Unity, Faith and Discipline given to us. Let’s empower each other and forge ahead.”