Pakistani wife goes out of the way to collect birthday wishes on love notes from 40+ countries for her husband

Everyone wishes for someone who would cross oceans for them to make them feel loved and special. A Pakistani girl, Neha, decided to go an extra mile in her long-distance relationship with her US-based husband. Wanting to do something extraordinary for his first birthday after their wedding, she managed to gather love notes from 40+ countries with the help of her amazing social media friends from all over the world. They sent her cute, tiny notes and she selected 45 amongst them

But that’s not all – along with gathering birthday messages from different countries, she also put in the effort to collect messages from people on ships and airplanes! This way, she said, her love had reached Earth, Water, and Air! And guess what? Her husband was shockingly amazed! She asked him to start naming countries, and sent him a birthday wish picture taken in each of the countries he could think of! How cute, right? Fairytales do exist! From places we have never been to, countries we only see on TV, friends who are willing to write you a special love note for your special someone – it’s like a dream come true!